The idea to realize a garden for medicinal plants of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) here in Switzerland arose many years ago. It was the desire to make these plants experienceable for all those who come into contact with the remedies of TCM:

  • Understanding and knowing medicines produced from these plants better (importers, pharmacists, therapists, doctors & A, patient-consumers)
  • Recognizing problems in maintaining wild stock, during cultivation and with the quality of medicinal plants that exist in China
  • Understanding and analyzing these problems by cultivation in the garden in a first step
  • In later steps finding innovative solutions by exchanging and cooperating with Chinese medicinal plants gardens and research centers

30. August 30, 2016

The TCM medicinal plants garden was ceremoniously opened on 30 August 2016 and presented itself in bright sunshine. Many interested in TCM have found their way to the ZHAW's "Grüentalgärten".

  • Prof. Dr. Urs Hilber, Director of the Department of Life Science and Facility Management at ZHAW, welcomed the guests.
  • Dr. Evelyn Wolfram, of the Department of Phytopharmaceutics and Natural Products, Institute of Chemistry and Biotechnology ZHAW explained how the TCM garden can be used for research purposes.
  • Dr. Beatrix Falch, of the Swiss Medical Society for Phytotherapy SMGP, spoke about the importance of Chinese medicinal plants and their promotion in Switzerland.
  • Prof. Jean-Bernard Bächtiger, Head of the Institute for Environment and Natural Resources ZHAW, described the context of the entire ZHAW gardening plant in Wädenswil.
  • Nina Zhao-Seiler, head of the TCM-Garten project, as well as a therapist with many years of experience, provided expertise on the medicinal plants at the opening seminar.
  • Regula Treichler, project manager at ZHAW and Najad Brunschweiler, Vice President Swiss professional organization for TCM, explained the cooperation between Swiss professional organization for TCM and ZHAW.
The TCM garden and the individual medicinal plants were carefully studied by interested visitors. The TCM experts have already exchanged lively discussions.

August 23, 2016

We are on the home stretch... Opening in one week!

End of july 2016

Die ersten Pflanzen sind gepflanzt. Das Projektteam freut sich über die positive Entwicklung (v.l.n.r: Najad Brunschweiler TCM-FVS, Regula Treichler ZHAW, Nina Zhao-Seiler TCM-FVS, Nils Honetschläger ZHAW)

July 2016

The construction work is in full swing. The outlines of design can already be seen.

June 2016

The plants have been ordered and the first deliveries have already arrived. The construction of the TCM medicinal plant garden begins.

July 2015

The contract between the SBO-TCM and the ZHAW has been signed. The project plan stands. The implementation begins.

February 2015

The financing plan is created and the first partners were brought on board.

October 2014

Inspired by a concrete inquiry by the Swiss Professional Organization for Traditional Chinese Medicine (SBO-TCM) to the phyton network (part of the FG phytopharmacy of the IBT), the idea emerged to build a medicinal plants garden for learning and research, which can be used by various training organizations and other interested parties for educational purposes.

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