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  • Payments already made cannot be reclaimed under any circumstances.
  • The sponsor is mentioned by name directly next to the plant on the label.
  • After payment has been made, the sponsor receives confirmation of his/her support in the form of a sponsorship certificate for the booked period.
  • The contributions made by the godparents flow into a maintenance fund from which the development costs and ongoing maintenance are covered.
  • The sponsor does not become the owner of the plant and may not claim the plant as a whole or any part of it (flowers, branches, fruit).
  • The ZHAW may not use the money in the fund for tasks other than the maintenance and upkeep of the TCM medicinal garden.
  • After registering for a sponsorship, the sponsor receives an invoice. Each year booked is invoiced separately, each January. Invoices are due for payment after 30 days.
  • In the event of the TCM Garden being dissolved, the sponsor immediately loses any obligation to make further payments into the fund concerned, of which the sponsor concerned will be informed.
  • The duration of the sponsorship contract is the number of years booked. The contract is automatically renewed from year to year until the booked number of years has expired.
  • The contract ends with the expiry of the booked number of years.