General Provisions for the sponsorship agreement

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General Provisions for the sponsorship agreement

  • The sponsor is a person, an institution or a company who/that agrees to support the sustaining, the caretaking and the proliferation of one or more medicinal plants in the tcm garden in Wädenswil by donating a specific amount of money once or on a regular basis.


  • The sponsors name is marked directly by the plant, next to the plant naming sign.


  • After having made the payment, the sponsor receives a confirmation of her/his donation in the form of a sponsorship certificate specifying the amount and the duration of the sponsorship.


  • The donations given by then sponsors are gathered in the pool for sustaining the garden from which the costs for the development and the caretaking of the garden are paid.


  • The sponsor is not owner of the plants and is not permitted to take any parts of the plant or the plant as a whole.


  • ZHAW is not permitted to use the money in the pool for any purposes other than for the development and the caretaking of the garden.


  • After registering for sponsorship, the sponsor receives a bill. Each year for which a sponsorship is agreed upon, is billed seperately, usually in january. Bills have to be paid by 30 days after the date on the bill.


  • If the TCM garden ceases to exist, the sponsors obligation to further payments into the pool immediately ceases as well , which the sponsors will be informed about.


  • The duration of the sponsorship is for the number of booked years. The contract is automatically renewed year by year untill the number of booked years is reached.


  • The contract ends when the number of years booked is fulfilled.


  • Payments allready made cannot be returned in any case.